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Not again

Hi there, I'm new to this but hope i can get some advice. I had a laparoscopy done 3 months ago and had a cyst removed along with the endo all was fine good op took a while to recover but periods went back to normal straight away & have been fine. This week I have started getting little pains in my right side again then today it has got really bad and last night if had pain during sex. If I had the op is there still a chance of it coming back & so soon? I thought it was over with and I just can't cope with it again I had so much time off work due to the pain, I'm 27 and really want to start a family but don't think it will ever happen. any help would be great thanks

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Unfortunately there is no 'cure' for this and it may well come back - which it sounds like it could be. I had a lap two years ago and then 6months of prostap, but 6 months ago my symptoms all came back :( did they not give you prostap or anything post-op to try and 'shrink' or 'control' the endo from growing back? It sounds like you should go back to your doc and they ought to give you some more options. Jump on it while it still feels fairly early as obviously referrals can take forever - mine isn't AS bad as it was before my lap but I know that if I let it get to that stage I won't be able to work, which I can't afford.

With regards to fertility, that's something again you should perhaps make a second appointment with your gp to discuss options? I'm not clued up on that side of things as I don't want my own kids, but I was only told by my GP when I first got diagnosed I would only know if I was able to have kids until I started trying (not that that was a plan for me lol). Good luck and make sure you stand your ground and don't let them fob you off! xx


Thanks I will defo get on to my gp such a horrible thing to happen just didn't realise it would come back. I never got given anything post op!


Yes, it can grow back that quickly, no it isn't bloody fair. (No pun intended) Realistically when are you thinking with babies? Now or in a few years? If it's now start trying :) closest to the op the better. Pregnancy can give you a break on symptoms. Either way you need to speak to your doctor. You don't need to feel like a hysterical mess just go in with your game plan. What do you want out of the appointment? Ask for it directly and you should get it. Be it hormone treatment for endo, help with concieving or a referral to the gynae. Best of luck x


I was thinking like now for kids we have been trying but nothing yet I got told last year if I got pregnant it would help with the pain & that seems to be the advice given! I must stand my ground as like u I can't afford to take any more time off work I was having 1-2 days a month due to the pain then had 3 weeks off after op. Endo really needs to be explained to all woman out there ! Thanks for your reply x


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