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Will i need another Lap?

Just over 2 months ago I had a Laporoscopy Appendectomy. My appendix was removed and I was discharged from the hospital the next day. The surgeon told me that I had an infection inside my appendix so I thought nothing of it and went home to start my recovery. After 2 weeks I was still feeling pain in my pelvic area and my lower abdomen so I went back to the doctors. My GP told me that the biopsy showed nothing to be wrong with my appendix but during the laporoscopy, they found flakes outside my womb, which they had scraped out. (None of this was mentioned to me after my op!) My GP explained Endometriosis to me, but also said that he could not diagnose me. He has referred my to a Gynecologist, but my appointment isn't for another 2 months, in the mean time I am having to deal with this pain and constantly being uncomfortable! I know it's very unlikely but has anyone gone through the same or a similar thing? And does anyone know if it is likely that I will need another Lap?

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You could have a cyst hun . As I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago ie pelvic pain and struggling to walk. X


Sorry I should have said, I've been scanned for cists and nothing was found and also been treated for a pelvic infection and it's not that either :( x


Hi there

I'm 25 now and have been officially diagnosed with endo since I was 18 and had symptoms since I was 13. I went in for emergency surgery for my appendix just before I turned 18 but during the laparoscopy the Dr discovered endometriosis and so my appendix stayed put and they gave me the diagnosis after the op. now apart from the diagnosis itself which isn't the best I was actually so relieved to get a name to my problem I cried, I thought I was going crazy with all these symptoms and had been going back to the doctors and hospital throughout that year. I was told it wouldn't have been found if they hadnt done the laparoscopy....endo cells are difficult to see during and ultrasound and other methods of detection also fall short, as far as I'm aware as uncomfortable as it is a laparoscopy is the best method to find this sneaky little disease. Surgeons have to go in and physically look for the cells lining areas outside your womb which sometime requires moving bits around inside to have a look. My endo was found over both ovaries and my bowels which explains all my symptoms.....I have still suffered on and off for years and although I had the Mirena fitted 18months ago which helped, I'm currently going through another flair up so no treatment is perfect and every women is different........a laparoscopy may seem abit scary and extreme but if they can positively diagnose you that's one of the first biggest steps to this disease as on average it takes up to 8 years for some women from their first appointment with the doc regarding symptoms.....once diagnosed you can explore treatments and pain management that will work for you, if your come up clear then it's one less less thing to worry about. However if you have the chance to explore I'd take it. I'm currently considering asking for another laparoscopy just to see how the disease has progressed as I have never been given a grade or stage for it and the location of pain has changed alot.....it's crappy disease and my sympathies are with every woman out there which suffers with it! But remember there are places like this and the endo uk website that is here to support you and all other sufferers to know your not alone. Good luck and best wishes to you.

Vikki x

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