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Chocolate cyst pain?

Hello could anyway please tell me the type of pain try get from having a chocolate cyst? I had no pain up to recently but now I'm getting severe sharp stabbing pains in that area and I'm wondering has something changed with the cyst. I'm on a waiting list for a Lap which I got told recently is up to a year. Is it best to contact my consultant to say I'm now in pain to see if I'll get the Lap sooner?

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You might not get the op sooner - but you should still contact either your consultant or your gp if your pain symptoms have significantly changed. It is of course possible for endometriomas to cause a lot of additional pain if they rupture. Obviously, the ideal situation is for them not to rupture as having them spill their ugly contents into the pelvic cavity is not a good thing. Very much depends on the severity of your pain? But contact someone anyway.


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