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mirena plus cerazette

Hello all,

Just a little question - is anyone on cerazette to stop nuisance bleeding with mirena? Did it work?

Went back to GP today after my horrible dealings with the gynae, she agreed with me that endo could have been missed during my lap and that adeno hasn't been ruled out (and also that other organ systems need investigation), especially as I am still so unwell. She prescribed me cerazette to try to stop the nuisance bleeding with mirena by topping up the progestogen a little while it settles down. Would be interested to hear other experiences.


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Just a little bump for this as it got quickly buried by the new format x


Hey yes,

I have been doing this for over a year now, I take a double dose of cerazette on top of the mirena otherwise the spotting and pain is unbearable. To scared to have mirena out though as otherwise it is three weeks of flooding! xxx


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