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Hi, at the beginning of this year I finally got taken seriously about having endometriosis. I am now currently on a waiting list for surgery. But before this started we booked a holiday for August this year. Currently at the moment Ive been noticing my pill is no longer working and I seem to just bleed whenever it feels like and it's happening more and more :( :(. The pill I am on is microgynon 30 where I have no break for 3 months at a time. This is concerning me about my holiday as I'm starting to think I'm not going to be able to go in the pool etc like everyone else will :( starting to feel like I'm getting really depressed again about endometriosis. This was something I was looking forward too as I've had a rubbish year so far. Can anyone help me with their experiences of holidays or anything they've managed to take to stop randomly bleeding? It's a long shot but I thought I'd ask :/

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Sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it. Sorry if I sound stupid but are you able to wear tampons, a very low absorbency one can be very small, (using a tiny amount of waterbased lubricant?) even if it was just for the duration of your swim to give you peace of mind?

Maybe this isn't an option for you. I hope that you could possibly enjoy your vacation even if you are kept out of the pool. Sometimes a change of location, even if it is beside the pool and just dipping you feet in before heading to a lounger to enjoy sunbathing can be wonderful.

I know how disheartening it can be to feel like you are missing out, or have extra stress related to travel because of health issues, the lack of control can be scary, but in the past I have generally found that I am glad I went to the effort of trying to get out there....

I wish you the best of luck.


Hi Lozmck12,

There is a drug called norethisterone that can sometimes be used to stop bleeding for a situation like this. Here's more info nhs.uk/Conditions/Periods-h...

Do a search in the box top right of this page. I'm sure there are plenty of discussions.

I'm not really in favour of drugs but I think if I had a holiday or if it was say my wedding day coming up then I'd probably take this! I did take it about 7 years ago when I was actually on holiday when I started bleeding profusely and ended up in hospital. It worked immediately.

If you think this is something that could work for you then discuss with your GP. A holiday is very important psychologically as I'm sure you realise. It's the best medicine of all!

Good luck. x


Hey. I had a lap 4 weeks ago and had quite a lot done. I went on holiday about 10 days ago for a week. I struggled with going in the pool as I couldn't support myself due to the pain/discomfort from the surgery. ( I ended up sitting In a rubber ring And being pushed Around! ;) ) about 3 days before the end of the holiday I came on my period which was quite heavy (sorry) but using tampons I was able to go in the pool still. I know it's not a very nice thought and you have the worry of not being protected by the tampon but it really was fine and if you just have a quick 20 minute swim and change as soon as you get out you should be fine.

Hope this helps :) xxx

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Thank you for the replies :) I'll give the tampons a shot and see how they are I'm just a bit unsure about them inside they cos more pain. I'll do a trial before my holiday :) I've also made an appointment with my doctor this week to discuss it and maybe change the pill :) xx


Tampons hurt me as well ... I know it sounds horrible but if you can stand the pain of getting it in it's usually ok after that. Xx

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Try using a lubricant to help insert tampons. I would recommend one of the non-petrochemical ones such as "Yes" water based lubricant. Vaseline should never be used.

You can also get tampons such as Natracare as these are made with organic cotton, chlorine free and free of some of the other chemicals used in manufacture by mainstream marketed products. They are just as good and you wouldn't know the difference in terms of efficacy / look but nice to know when being used internally that they are not loaded with chemicals. They can be bought from the internet rather than trawling shops to find them.


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