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Should I try and get pregnant sooner rather than later?

I recently had a lap and was found to have severe endo, I have been with my partner for 5.5 years and both want children, but I'm concerned as I know this is likely to be difficult. I have my follow up apt on 16th July, but I was just wondering if there's anything in particular I should ask, or if it's best to conceive ASAP. Thanks for any help!

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Hi there. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I never normally tell or advise people what to do with their body, as only you really know what's best for you - but if you've been with yr partner for that long and it sounds like you're in a committed relationship AND you both want children I would suggest you start trying yes! Endometriosis can make falling pregnant harder, but if you do fall it actually helps it as you don't have periods for 9 months so it can't get any worse. Endo can also affect your ovaries, with cysts and scarring on or around them, this in turn could affect fertility too. You probably know all this!

My endo was diagnosed late and as I married late too I didn't start trying until I was 39. Couldn't fall, then severe endo was finally found under lap and I also have a very low egg count. That's why I asked your age. If you're 35 and up I strongly advise you to get an AMH test which would show your egg count. If you're a lot younger then you should be ok with regard to how many eggs yr producing. BUT you do need to ask where the endo was found, has it stuck your organs together? (my left ovary was completely stuck to my bowel and they couldn't access it at all!), and also ask if your tubes are okay and not blocked. As you may be ovulating fine, but the eggs need to be able to get out.

If you are ovulating fine they may suggest you try naturally first with the help of a drug call clomid (they sometimes try ladies on this first prior to starting IVF). but sadly if you're endo is severe you MAY need IVF. But remember even though it's harder to fall pregnant naturally with endo, it's not impossible and if you're ovulating well I would advise trying naturally first.

If I'd known what was going on inside and knew I'd end up having to go through IVF at 41 I definitely would have tried to have a baby when I was younger

Good luck! Make sure the surgeon or gynaecologist explains everything fully and don't leave with any questions unanswered. Make a list! It's your right to ask and know anything about YOUR body!

Cheers x


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