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I want to stop my pill and try for a baby but I'm so scared!

I am currently taking the contraceptive pill non stop as a form of treatment for my extensive endometriosis. This is following 4 months of hell taking zoladex (which I will never do again!)

Me and my partner have decided we definitely want to start trying for a baby as I've been told my only options now to help my endo pain is to have a hysterectomy or go back on zoladex along with other hormone therapy to prevent osteoporosis.

My question to you ladies is, I'm petrified of the pain my endo will cause once I stop taking the pill as I have only ever been off contraception once when I was 15 (I am almost 21 now) which was the most painful experience. Has anyone been in a similar situation and have any tips on how to deal with the pain especially during periods?

Also I'm looking for positive stories of people that have had reduced symptoms of endometriosis after they have had a hysterectomy?

Thank you!

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