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Lap or IVF?


I had an ectopic pregnancy last November.During my surgery, I was diagnosed with endometriosis on my ovaries and near rectum. Cyst was removed from left ovary. But they did not remove the one on the right side since they already had to remove my tubal pregnancy from right side. Now, I have a cyst of 4cms in right ovary and 2 cms in left ovary. I want to have a baby. I am confused if I will have chances to get pregnant naturally or not. Can you please advise me if I can go for another lap surgery and then try naturally? Or I go for an IVF? I am still not mentally prepared for IVF because that makes me feel low that I have to go for artificial pregnancy. :( Feeling lost..

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They say an ectopic is a good thing because it means you can get pregnant naturally. Certainly doesn't feel like a good thing. It does increase your risk of another ectopic as well. Talk to your GP about this. Each case is different. Chances are you will be fine to go ahead just take your supplements like folic acid. Plus they like to keep an eye on you when you get pregnant so tell them right away. But as I say talk to your GP x


The fact that you got pregnant means that you can get pregnant. I was diagnosed with similar (after a miscarriage) & they left cysts to avoid damaging ovaries after cleaning up a burst one & diagnosing me. I now have the blessing if an 11 month old cheeky boy conceived naturally. Try naturally first & give yourself every chance by using ovulation sticks, acupuncture etc & discuss with doctor. They would not recommend IVF until you have been trying for sometime. But if you record your cycles & see life on a period app (I use ptracker) you will have all the info to help you discuss it if you need to. I hope this helps. There is hope!!!


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