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So frustrated

I just spoke with my lady doctor about the side effects of the injection to bring on menopause and how it's now causing me more pain than before and all I get is just take the codeine and ibuprofen they don't understand how painful this is and that I have 3 children and won't just keep popping pills an also told her that the needing to wee all the time now it's on my bladder is getting unbearable and I got told we don't want to investigate at the minute let the injection settle for couple months first it's just not helpful

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Hi bekie, this is literally story of my life. Apart from I don't have kids, so this is prob a lot more difficult for you. But that's all I ever get too, "let it settle down" "keep taking pain killers" it's very very frustrating. Never any helpful solutions. X


It's so nice to have people who finally understand I can't believe that's all the medical staff ever say to us I wish they knew I constantly feel like I'm just a moaning minnie xx


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