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i m suffering from pain on the left side of chest at location of 3rd rib, it is radiating to left shoulder blade and upper arm

it started last night when i just went to bed at around 4 o'clock, m taking deep breaths today esp. when i went outside, to relieve the pain m just doing flexion and extension movements of shoulder joint. last morning i slept at 11 o'clock n the morning and wake up today at 7 pm and now m again just too sleepy and kind of mild unconcious. its a type of squeezing pain which increases as i walk or climb stairs m feeling so lazy right now m very confused what is happening i m very far away from my family please help me out sorting this issue.

Will appreciate ur feedbacks . Thanks

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I think you need to go to a & e now as the symptoms your describing are that of a heart attack don't want to stress you further but this needs attention now don't leave it any longer. X


i m feeling much better after a rest, by the i cant call 999 cuz m in china


Or call 999 or 111 and explain symptoms they take you straight in..

Good luck. X


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