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Had laparoscopy 6 days ago and the pain from the gas is still agony in my shoulder ribs and back is this normal aftrr this amount of time?


I had it done on tue and went back to work on fri! Was this too soon? I felt ok from the op itself but the trapped air pain is just worsening what can i do? I thought it should be better by now ?

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This is normal. Do not worry. It is really painful. It will subside soon :)

I actually got admitted to hospital again with these pains it was that bad. Unfortunately they couldn't do anything but a nurse told me that a remedy that works for all of her patients is to drink flat coca cola, seeing as you've already had surgery, but q bottle or two and shake it and open it straight away multiple times until it doesn't fizz up and then drink it so its flat, or you could leave the tip off for a while but that might take longer and if you're a germaphobe like me then that's not ideal, hope it eases soon, take care.

Leya xx

That happened to me Hun , it was just trapped air from the operation , mine lasted about 2 weeks . Just remember your body has been through a lot so it may take more time than you think . Try peppermint for trapped wind it's amazing xx

I read that drinking sparkling water helped, I did and had barely any pain but have no idea if it was the water that helped or not and everywhere I look now says to avoid carbonated drinks.... A friend had a peppermint oil and cold water solution that she said worked straightaway for her.

Thanks everyone, arrr it really is agony! I knew to expect pain from the trapped air but i never expected it to be this bad or for this long. I've become addicted to peppermint tea but even that is having little affect now. I shall try the flat coke. I cannot deal with this for much longer@

I am having a lap done in September and at my pre-op assessment they said drink peppermint tea and suck polo mints for that pain. Painkillers don't work on it


This is normal and i know what its like to want to go back to work but maybe a week off resting would be good if you can..

I found that peppermint tea was also excellent for helping move the gasses, also light walking helps to alleviate the pain associated with this

Hope you feel better soon xx


Everyone is talking about how to alleviate the trapped gas, but no one has mentioned how you should be at home resting, I can't believe you went back to work after a couple of days, way too soon!!

I don't know what you had done during your lap, we've all got various amounts of endo and cysts etc, so each of us are different and can't give advice on what's best for you, but you should of been signed off by your Dr.

I had quite severe problems and no one told me after my lap how long I should rest for, so after a couple of days of rest, I felt that I should be up and about doing the hoovering, ironing etc.....and it made me so ILL, it's only once I'd gone back to my Dr and spoke to her, that she told me I should be resting for at least 3 weeks, that I'd had major surgery and that I should go home and be a patient. It actually took a couple of months before I started to feel back to normal.

Lisa xx

I was admitted to a&e with this pain. It was horrendous. Tramadol worked a treat by disconnecting my brain from the pain sensors! I found as soon as I started to pass wind it eased a lot! The gas is trapped in a place where it can't escape (eg outside the digestive tract). It slowly gets absorbed into the digestive tract and passed out of the body. Try and avoid any foods that are well known for producing gas eg legumes, beans etc. Keep doing lots of gentle walking as it speeds the process up. Also when the pain gets bad just mentally imagine the gas sinking to the bottom of your tummy and relax your tummy muscles. This helps to move if away from your diaphragm which is the bit causing all of the problems! If you have constipation try and get your bowels moving as this will really help to give some room in your tummy. Your GP will probably suggest stool softeners.

Hi I get very painful trapped wind a lot and bloating. A very nice lady on here suggested I try Aloe Vera juice and it was truly the best thing I've ever done, it's an absolute godsend. Its not the best tasting juice I've ever tried but I dont care, it works, I use it everyday now and I dont have any sluggish yukky tummy troubles or trapped wind. I used to have trapped wind so severe for days on end and I used to vomit and feel so ill. Anyway its definitely worth trying. Good luck x

I get now I should have been off work longer, but I had been in bed resting and sleeping for 2 days and other than getting a horrible head cold I felt absolutely fine - I love my work and started my new job the day before my op date so wanted to take as little time off as possible so I went back to do just office stuff. And if it wasn't for all the trapped gas pain coming back I'm sure I'd be fine, but it is still honestly agony

I just read this and thought as if you've gone back work already. I was 4wks post op when I returned on monday and dr still wanted to sign me off longer. So please take it easy.

Peppermint tea worked a treat for me x hope your feeling better soon x

I know - not one of my better ideas going back to work when I did but like I said I felt fine and never even felt as though id had an op... have now spent the last 3 days solidly resting and am feeling better, still in some pain/discomfort in my right side - ribs, back ect but go had said its muscular from my cold and also possibly referred pain from my stomach... but nothing to worry about therefore after 3 days solid rest its back to work tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for advice and concern x. I will honestly never underestimate the lap again x

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