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So Angry!!

Sorry for rant !

So been for ultrasound that showed nothing which I knew it wouldnt show endo anyway, so app for gyne not until 26th august, went to GP to ask if he could refer me for the lap and he said he couldnt but would contact gyne and try to speed up app...well I rang the gyne and she is fully booked until my app so no chance of getting in before to see her...I asked that as my app is an hour long because she was going to fit the coil if I didnt have it fitted could I get in before..NO I cant...I dont see why my gp cant refer me for the lap...I have had years of this pain so sick of it and when I do get to see gyne it will probably take forever to have the lap....and to top it all off the gyne gave me vagifem which has just delayed my period for a few days which means now the pain is lasting longer and loosing loads of old blood not fresh....I feel like Im gonna throw up, splitting headache....constant pain around pubic bone area and then the occasionaly stabbing pain....but apart from that all good lol!

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Lol! Well this sounds familiar. The NHS is so short staffed and underfunded but you just don't realise how bad it is untill something like this happens and you need to rely on them!

Sounds like you need some better pain meds, go back to your gp and keep trying stuff until something feels better. Its tempting to stick with that we know but there maybe something better out there, particularly a regular antiinflammatory as inflammation is what causes most of the pain. If you're not on one cut out the middle man and start yourself on some over the counter ibuprofen (if you're ok to) while you wait for gp appointment!

Unfortunately GPs can't do much in terms of getting your surgery because they aren't the specialists but also they have strict targets about how many referrals they can make and how much they spend thanks to all the budget cuts so you basically have to be assessed to see if its worth spending the money on you!! Same reason its so hard getting decent pain meds... Money!

I know its ridiculously hot out but hot bath or hot water bottles are the best pain relief I have so maybe try that?


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