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Has anyone switched from Zoladex or Prostap to using Nafarelin as a nasal spray, rather than continuing with implant?

Hi all,

I had my first Zoladex implant last week, after a massive cyst and endometriosis flare up, where I ended up in hospital (I was due to have a lap to remove the cyst but because of the flare up and inflammation they suggested a course of Zoladex to reduce the inflammation before operating). I've had pretty full on side effects the first week and someone at the hospital suggested switching from the implant to the nasal spray, so that the drug gets administered more gradually. Has anyone else done this? Everyone here seems to have done implant, so I wonder whether it's not generally offered or not effective? I haven't been able to speak to my consultant yet to clarify what's possible, but she's going to be away and might need to go through my GP, so wanted to have as much understanding as possible. Thanks in advance!