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Endometriosis and PCOS both at 17

Endometriosis and PCOS both at 17

I'm 17, turning 18 In a month and a half. I've never got much information on these two. I was diagnosed and had a laparoscopy don last year for my endometriosis. My last period I had almost lasted 3 weeks! But the last week was light. I HAVNT had my period this month, but I also had a knee surgery 4 weeks ago and finals. I've takin' two pregnancy tests when I was about 3-4 days late and they were negative. Thank The Lord. My mom had me at 17. My periods are usually SOMEWHAT normal but I didn't know if my 3 week flow messed my whole body up. I feel the cramps in my back and abdominal area, my period just isn't here!!!

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Hi SissyGale, PCOS will have an impact on your periods, cysts on the ovaries can inhibit ovulation, it's not the same every month so you will be irregular, if it continues it may be worth discussing options with your OBGYN to help bring your regular periods back to give you piece of mind. It seems like you have also gone through a stressful time and this may just be your body's response to it. Hope everything calms down xx Emma


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