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Deeply Infiltrating Endometriosis - Anyone had resection resulting in a temporary stoma?

I have just had a check up only to come out with surgery booked and a new diagnosis of DI Endo, several follow up appointments with a stoma nurse and colorectal surgeon with a view to removing a large portion of bowel etc. Looking for advice and tips on getting my head round all of this and what to expect and after care. Thanks xx

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Hi. I had a resection 2 weeks ago. I had my diagnostic lap in June last year and been on prostap since. It took me ages to get my head round it too but post surgery it's not actually that bad. Feel free to ask me anything x


Hi Catt, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in 2006 and had two surgeries, a resection in 2010 but now it has progressed to Deeply Infiltrating and they are talking about me needing a temporary stoma/colostomy bag. Do you have a temporary bag? Or do you know anyone who has, think that's the hardest part to get my head round, looking forward to everything being unstuck!! Hope you are feeling much better since your surgery thank you for replying xxxx


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