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hi i have the mirana coil in at the moment for nearly three months now and need help


ive had the coil for nealry three months now but im constantly having cramps and pains in my stomach and vagina, i stopped bleeding but have recently started bleeding again and i keep getting a brown discharge. i dont no whats wrong or what to do but ive read some peoples comments on the coil on this site and am getting really worried now, please help

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Hi there, I am in exactly the same situation 3 months in & still spotting & lots of pain. I have ever assured that this will settle down soon and been told to wait until 6 months to give it enough time to work. Not great at the moment but hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel.

Hi I have had the coil nearly 4 years now and have to say mine took 10 months to settle down but it was so worth it! I don't bleed at all apart from maybe a couple of times spotting which isn't bad at all, I did go to my G.P a couple of times to get it checked out when I first had it as it took such a long time to settle, if you are worried then get it checked out, but the coil is no quick fix! I hope you feel better soon

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