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Peritoneal excision and lap?? Advice please


I have had endo some years my last laparoscopy was sept 13 last few weeks I have been really struggling with different pain on right side gp did bloods ca 125 came back elevated at 46. Had a scan and they have now booked me an urgent mri scan and booked me in for peritoneal excision and lap or? Hysterectomy on 9th July.

My head is spinning as this is all happening very fast but can anyone give any advice in peritoneal excision or similar experience

Many thanks

Em. Xxx

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I had TPE done last year by a lap, was a 6 hour op with stage 4 excision from bladder/bowel/pod/ureters/tubes out and 18cm cysts

I had 2 nights in hospital and was back to work after 9 day, ge removed every last bit and declared me endo free on 24th July 2013

Good luck!


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