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Anyone had severe pain with the mini pill?

Hey my specialist decided to go back and try a simpler option for a while and give me the mini pill.. I've been on it 11 days and had constant pain plus heavy bleeding.. Yesterday the pain got so intense I had to go to hospital and be pumped full of pain killers n sickness meds by IV . Has anyone ever had this reaction to the mini pill and if so does it get better after a while? X

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Hi there. My consultant recommended the depo injection which I refused to take but did agree to try the Mini pill (cerelle). I had my normal period for 5 days then spotted for 5/6 days then nothing. It actually reduced my pain I only got a few twinges here & there. It also helped me sleep better & I had no restless leg which was fab. Unfortunately I had to stop after the first packet as the depression/anxiety was too much. My sex drive disappeared & couldn't even climax.

I must say the day before I stopped my pain was bad & continued for a few days. Just thought my period was due but nothing yet.

Think you should try & speak to your specialist get some advice.


Hi, i've been on the mini pill (cerazette) for three months now. When i first started it, i was spotting for a couple of days, then nothing for a couple, then spotting and it went on like that for a few weeks. My consultant said that is normal when starting the mini pill. He said that i should try and stick it out for three months so we get a good idea of how it's wirking for me. I'm going back to see him on weds (which is the follow up appointment after my diagnostic lap 3 weeks ago- where stage 3 severe endo was diagnosed). I've been suffering really bad these three months. I have bled nearly every week. Sometimes very light flow. Sometimes spotting. Sometimes ridiculously heavy. I've also been in constant pain. Some days it's bearable but others it's crippling. I think the only reason i havent ended up back in hospital is because my GO has out me on slow releasing morphine tablets (quite a high dose) to take daily. And i also have oramorph at home. Which is the only thing that seems to touch it. I've been having to take it almost every day - which isn't ideal.

When i see consultant on weds i'm going to ask to be taken off the pill as i just cant cope any more. I was told by going on the pill my bleeding will stop! Sorry for the essay! I'm just fed up tonight. Xx


Hey thanks for the replies I'm going to try stick it out the 3 months but it's been 12 days by I'm already feeling the depression also.. Aimee u sound to be having just as many problems as me I currently take tramadol daily for the pain but I do find oramorph works best.. My lap also showed stage 3 endo.. If this heavy bleeding continues for the next two weeks I'm going to have to stop taking the pill as it's just control my life.. My specialist out me on the mini pill said see how it goes n then discharged me from the hospital again they just don't seem to care at the min x


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