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Why do I feel so guilty!!

I have been off work since December having investigations onto my pain. After many procedures and two laps they found sever endo and have removed the majority of it. My consultant even said it was extensive surgery. I am now post opp one month and still in quite up and down with pain and feeling exhausted! I am worrying myself about going back to work and when I will be fit! I wish someone could just say yep on that date you will feel great and be able to get on with normal life again! Anyone feeling the same?

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I've been on reduced hours at work since end of jan too. I think I've gone beyond feeling guilty- I just want to feel well again. Sometimes we have to put ourselves first. Luckily my work have been amazingly understanding. We'll soon be firing on all cylinders again.


Yeah I know your right, they have been great with me too. I'm just putting pressure on myself. Can't wait for normality and to not have to think about it.


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