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Endo and adoption

Hi I am just wondering if any ladies out there have adopted as a single parent? I have a unicoruate uterus and have just had excision surgery and my left ovary removed that was attached to my bowel. As I am on my ow, 34 and haven't found prince charming yet I am looking into adoption. With all the complications I would have trying for my own child I have decided this would be too hard and also I have been told I can not go through donor/IVF etc on NHS and would have to pay. This is why i'm looking into adoption. I would appreciate any advice or info on anyone who has adopted on their own and also lives with endo. Thank you xx

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Hi Sunflower,

I have not adopted but I was a single foster carer( I have now found my prince). I had severe stage 4 endo and unfortunately still need to take a cocktail of pain relief. My endo didnt hinder going through the long process to become a foster carer. My gp said in medical report tbat I cope well with a difficult condition. I am 29 and have no intention of having my own children as I believe the process would be too complicated. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have. Xx


A lady at my work adopted as a single parent a couple of years ago. I know she had to demonstrate that she had support around her given she was single but I'm not aware it was harder than for other adoptive parents. She had a battle after adoption though as she tragically went blind from an undiagnosrd brain tumour, but she won in court and now she and her little girl are moving to her native Australia, which is wonderful news. Best of luck to you.


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