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Sharp shooting pains in vagina

Its not the first time ive had this, usually i can go weeks without this or sometimes a few days. But today is a bad day for it it seems, i've already had 3 in the space of 5 mins. Sometimes they are usually confined to my vagina but if i get a really bad one it shoots from my belly button into my vagina.

It always doubles me over in pain, does anyone have any clue what it is or any ways to get rid of it?

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I have started getting this as well. I thought it was an infection at first as I seem to get them quite often, but it turns out I have been experiencing neuropathic (nerve) pain caused by the endometriosis. Are you seeing a gynecologist anytime soon? x


Nah theyve fobbed me off pretty bad. Theyve put me back to back on microgynon (which i was already on years prior) and said they want to see if it magically disappears. I last saw them at the beginning of march and not due to see them again til mid august before they even consider doing anything! X


this has been going on for about 7 hours this evening, anybody have similar? should i be worried?


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