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Need an energy boost recommendation please x

Hello lovely people,

I got my Endo confirmed yesterday finally after a 2 year battle with my GP and probably have had it’s symptoms for 15+ years, and got my first Decapeptyl injection to start shrinking my 8cm chocolate cyst – 5 to go!

Despite the battle, I am feeling really optimistic that I am getting help, people are listening to me and although it will never be cured I must surely start to see a difference in the upcoming months. However I am feeling pretty crappy and know it will be a combination of the condition, the injection, the anti-climax of getting somewhere and just feel a bit sorry for myself and exhausted. Can anyone recommend something (like a herbal supplement/vitamin) just to give me an extra spark? I have read a lot of this condition starts with diet which I am tinkering with, but need something along the way to support my journey. I’ve read about allsorts such as magnesium agnus castus etc. Perhaps even a food group would help the most. I have picked up tips from the endo diet and starting with eliminating caffeine, but want to do one thing at a time so my body doesn’t go into total shock all at once.

I guess I am after the ‘magic potion’ we’re all searching for, and probably expect I just have to be paitent, allow myself to adjust and allow time for rest and appreciate this.

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Glad you've finally got someone to listen to you, i'll keep my fingers crossed that you start seeing some results soon :)

The injection makes you feel like poo and unfortunately I've not found a magic potion yet however, I really do believe making changes to your diet can help a lot. I've read a lot of the internet about how much magnesium can affect us ladies with endo and i think taking a magnesium supplement may help you - magnesium deficiency makes you feel very tried and low and can also make the pain of muscle spasms worse. I've very recently cut out dairy and gluten from my diet as these have also been linked to increased pain with endo so i'll let you know if I see results.

You've started off great my eliminating coffee and if you can try to reduce the amount of sugar you take in and increase your intake of fruits and veg they're great steps too. By all means try one thing at a time, don't think you need to become anything drastic like raw vegan overnight but I'm convinced diet can make a big difference to your mood. Also lots of studies have shown that if you feel you're doing something proactive to help with a condition you are likely to see quicker and better results.

Other than diet, simple things like making sure you're getting enough sleep and trying to control stress will really help. If all else fails a deep bubble bath and some chocolate always makes me feel a lot better!

I hope this helps a little bit and you feel better soon xx


Thanks for taking the time to reply and youre best wishes x


Agnus Castus is not good for endo, and if you are on HRT with the Decapeptyl then you certainly do not want to add even more oestrogen otherwise what's the point in taking Decapeptyl to shut down the oestrogen production?

Read through the side effects of Agnus Castus on


"Hormone-sensitive condition such as endometriosis; uterine fibroids; or cancer of the breast, uterus, or ovaries: Vitex agnus-castus can affect hormones and might affect estrogen levels. Don’t use vitex agnus-castus if you have a hormone-sensitive condition."

that website is very good for checking each of the ingredients of herbal remedies if you are unsure. Check each of them one by one and have a look on the side effects tab.

If it warns about use in women with hormone sensitive conditions then don't use it.

Another one to look out for is mention of estradiol in the ingredients, again this will be adding oestrogen promoting chemicals, and endo feeds on oestrogen. So better leave those on the shelf.

Unfortunately the tiredness element does happen because of the loss of many hormones, not just the sex ones so even with HRT add back therapy you can still be very tired while you body is struggling to carry on minus all the hormones it would usually rely on to regulate everything.

Get plenty of naps and rest, take time off work if the side effects get too much or have you up all night. It is chemo, you are entitled to time off work as and when you need it, just like anyone who is on chemo treatment programs.

It doesn't matter if you have the drug for cancer or endo, the side effects will have the same impact on your body. Most employers are fine about letting you have short notice time off when you tell them you are being treated with a chemo drug.

And remember too that you can quit and stop at any time if it gets too much, which it might do.

The drug is not curing your endo,it is only given in the hope your pains will reduce while on it and your quality of life will improve for a while. If quality of life is worse, then you will be better off not being on the drug.


Thanks ive found your advice really helpful x I am on decapeptyl to reduce an 8cm cyst and wasnt told it was a chemo treatment guess its obvious really. X


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