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Hi new to this so bare with me bt I had lap on Friday an was feeling not to bad yesterday bt feel terrible today is something wrong

My head so sore an legs feel achy and feel exhausted I was told nothing was removed as was just a little endo an sent on my way to wait for app to see consultant again they let me out with low bp also. I am such a worrier freaking out abt clots an wat not any info would be nice thanks

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Too soon to say, but you could have picked up an infection, give the gynae ward a call and have a word with them. they may ask you come back in to be checked over.

Meantime have a lemsip or something to help battle any oncoming fevers and give you a pain killer to help with aches, And SLEEP if your body is telling you it needs you to slow down then have naps as and when required. Your body does its best healing when asleep.

it may just be the enormity of the event, combined with a reaction to the anaesthetic that has suddenly hit you hard and you need to rest up between spells of activity, remember to keep hydrated, you still have wounds that need healing and may have toxins to flush out, so keep topped up with more water than you usually take on board. A full glass an hour or two is a good idea for a few days. Besides it gives you an excuse to potter to the loo a bit more frequently which counts towards you keeping regularly active and avoiding a DVT.

If your condition doesn't improve and deteriorates then pop to A&E rather than wait to see your GP. Let them run some tests and make sure there is no DVT developing, and perhaps give you antibiotics in case there is a bacterial infection grumbling. If you picked up a virus then you'll just have to let it run it's course.

Also this time of year is Hay fever season. If you are prone to have symptoms of hay fever then hit the anti-histamines too. Hope a good nights sleep sees you feeling better tomorrow. Best of Luck.


Thank you for your reply I will speak to my gp tomorrow if feel no better u have helped put my mind at ease an may now be able to sleep a little better with out worrying I do worry too much sometimes lol bt thank u


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