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Heartbroken- Endo and fertility- Help!!

I have just had excision surgery and had my left ovary removed. I have a unicornuate uterus which means I have half a womb, one tube and ovary attached. This is the right side. My left ovary was attached to my bowel and was covered in endo and causing great pain. Due to the fact it was no use to me and the pain it caused my surgeon removed it along with the endo. I am 3 weeks into my recovery. I went to see the consultant today. I am 34 this September and not in a relationship as I have found it very hard to be in one with the endo which, I'm sure many of you can relate. I asked about donor insemination as I really want a child of my own. I was informed that because I wasn't in a relationship of any kind I would have to pay for this and if this didn't work I would have to pay for IVF. What a way to rub salt in the wound!

I was so upset, angry and felt completely let down by the system. I have been suffering for 19 years with all of this and it has only been in the past year I have found my consultant who is amazing and finally helping me. I thought if I could have help with the pain and remove the endo I could finally start the process of having a baby. But I don't have the kind of money it will take.

Also if I could find the money to have at least one try, I have the unicornuate uterus to deal with and also the endo so I am worried it would all be for nothing and not sure I can put myself through much more.

I feel heartbroken and any advice would be welcomed right now. I hope no one else is dealing with this as I wouldn't wish it upon anyone but if you are I would be grateful for your help.

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I just want to send you a big hug xxx

Your emotions are naturally running high and you need to take the next few weeks to recover from the op. Please get recovered first then think about the next step.

Hopefully someone else can offer better advice xxx


I just would like to share my experience of choosing not to have children because of all the gynae disease in the hope that others will find comfort. I am 27 years of age and without describing all the difficulties I've had, as you will all be aware of them, I have decided that whilst the drugs currently stop me from having periods and life is bearable - I will never ever stop taking them. And if they stop working I will be seeking a full hysterectomy. Therefore, I will never carry a child but I will have children by other means. This has taken a lot of thought and a decent amount of counselling but I am now happy and fulfilled by my decision. I only hope other women in similar situation might be able to take control and find fulfillment in their decisions along this horrendous gynae journey!

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