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Can I get pregnant?

Hey girls,

I had unprotected sex with my fiance and although we are wanting to try for a baby, I'm having prostap and I'm afraid that I'll get pregnant and it will harm the baby?! Then again, could I not get pregnant and that would prove there's a problem with my fertility? I'm just worrying as I know the effects it can have and I don't know if its possible to get pregnant on prostap if you've got fertility problems. Not to be disgusting but there wasn't a lot that went in as I jumped up as I was scared of getting pregnant.

Thanks in advance, hope all you ladies are as well as possible.

Leya xxx

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It is possible to get pregnant on prostap, just like with on any hormone drugs, theres almost never going to be 0% chance, but it will depend on whether or not the prostap has stopped you ovulating (which it should once its shut your system down as that is how the drug works), hence the longer you have been on prostap the lower the chance of you still ovulating, if you've been on it more than 2-3 months then its unlikely youre still ovulating, the risk of pregnancy is much higher in the first month or so whilst the drug is getting in your system. Almost all of times I've come across women getting pregnant on it have been in the first 4-8 weeks.

On the other side, it would be really really unreliable to try to work out if you have a fertility problem based on not getting pregnant whilst on prostap, not much different statistically to trying to get pregnant whilst on hormone contraceptives! I can't imagine that there is any doctor that would be willing to rely on that as the drug should stop you ovulating - plus there is only really a 12 hour window in any month where you can actually conceive, and tracking that whilst also on prostap would be tricky

Try not to worry but if you are concerned do a couple of pregnancy tests a week apart so at least you would know early or speak to your gp x


Thanks for the reply.

I'm on my second month, I had my last injection on the 22nd May. I've still had my period so I don't think its working yet. I already have one test at home and I cant afford another so would have to do one test. When should I test? I'm also worried to tell my mum even though she's really supportive of me having a baby, I feel she would be disappointed in me for being silly enough to be unprotected whilst on prostap.

If I were to be pregnant, would it have a greater effect because of me only shortly having it or would it be lesser as I've only had it for 2 months and its not working fully?

Sorry for all the questions, just really worried. Thanks again


Best option if you are worried is to go and see your GP, tell them about your concerns and they will most likely do a blood hcg (pregnancy) test for you and then maybe repeat it in 2 weeks, they may make you wait a couple of weeks first though. For a test at home you would need to wait 2 weeks for it to be accurate so if its literally just happened then wait 2 weeks to do the test (you can also buy them in poundland/99p store if you want to get any cheap). Then depending on what happens tell your mum, I find its often best not to fess up to things until you actually know if there is a problem! x


Thank you so much.

It happened today so will wait a few weeks and do a test. If that comes back positive then I will go to my gp and get one done there.

Thanks again, really appreciate it xx


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