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Marvellon pill

Iv had all my endo symptoms since my body rejected the coil.. About a year ago So changed to a pill I'm on marvellon and read symptoms.. And it says it can make endometriosis worse? Has anyone found this I have a laparoscopy in June but if this is the trigger should I still have my lap to check everything is okay and where the endo if iv got cysts etc or stop my pill wait and see I'm just in constant pain ache it's gettin gem down so is the worry or where it is and what's the cause etc even if I may have cysts or pcos thanks ladies xxx

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Hi Natashaoscar,

There was a recent thread referencing Marvelon. You might have missed my reply even though you posted on the thread. Easy to miss things around here!

healthunlocked.com/endometr..."Just looked up Marvelon. It's a combined pill so it has progesterone and oestrogen in it. I was prescribed Femodene, a combined pill, at Christmas "to see how the ovarian cysts behave". I truly wish I hadn't listened and had researched everything a bit more. I ended up with very angry ovaries, more endo and my fibroid doubled in size. I believe this was because of the oestrogen in the pill. I stopped taking it 6 weeks ago but it will take a while for effects to wear off."

Also, if you've been on this a long time there's a possibility that the progesterone in the pill is eventually turning into oestrogen. I have come across mention of this on the internet but I can't confirm if this can actually happen....so don't quote me on that.

But I can confirm that since stopping the pill my symptoms have all reduced considerably.

Is your lap for diagnosis or for treatment?


Thankyou Hun! Just read it!

My laparoscopy is just a diagnostic one... I originally had the mirena coil which my body rejected so when into octane yet pill (as I have severe heavy bleeding on a period and bleed 24/7 without a pill hence why I had the coil) which I still bled on and suffered horrendous nausea... So I changed to marvellon and read the packet yeaterday and was wondering if that's why things are so bad... Xxxx


If I were you I would go ahead with the lap. If you start postponing a diagnostic lap it might be difficult to get it rescheduled and it would be wise to get diagnosed and then take it from there.

If your symptoms are getting worse on Marvellon then raise this with your doctor. The combined pill works for some but not others.

Sorry, I don't know what an octane pill is. Is it progesterone only? There are several progesterone only pills that you could try.


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