Terrible period pain 2 months after lap

I am 34 and was finally diagnosed with Endo in Feb after having incredibly painful periods for over 18 years. I had my Lap at the beginning of April. The surgeon removed 2 large chocolate cysts and all scar tissue from my left ovary but found old scarring on my right fallopian tube. The only reason why I was referred to the hospital was because my partner and I had been trying for a baby for over a year so they didn't want to remove my fallopian tube.

I was told that my first period may be quite painful after but most posts Ive read on here are from women saying it was better for at least a few months and then the pain got worse. I've had one reasonably painful period already and am currently on Day 3 of my second period and I'm in agony! Could this be due to the fallopian tube scarring or just post-op sensitivity? Am taking Diclofenic suppositories and cocodamol but it's not helping much.

I know everyone suffers in different ways with this condition but I am now just very confused over why I'm in pain. I'm so worried that, despite removing a significant amount of tissue and cysts, the op may not have helped with the amount of pain I'm in every month and that I am back at square one again.

Would love to hear other people's experiences. Xx

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  • Hi, had my lap in march and my last two periods were incredibly painful. I'm putting this down to my body recovering from the operation. If it's not improving then I would recommend that you try and get an appointment to talk about pain management. I'm thinking about getting a tens machine to help with the pain. Hope you find something that can help with the pain soon.

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