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I had a laparoscopy in early pregnancy.. Will the baby come early??!!

I had a laparoscopy in early pregnancy.. Will the baby come early??!!

Hiya I'm currently 28weeks pregnant and had a laparospy when I was about four weeks pregnant as they never checked if I was pregnant. I had a lot of cramping and I was bleeding for 7 weeks after the op still not knowing I was pregnant. I finally found out at 16wks4days!When I had my follow up I told them about all the bleeding and they told me I was possibly carrying twins and miscarried one as I had one day of bad bleeding and clots.they said the baby was a miracle as she shouldn't of survived that as they also tried flushing my tubes and told me I couldn't have children. I've had lots of cramping still to this day but they told me it's the scar tissue stretching. I've had about 4-5 scans and everything looks good although I'm measuring up at 26 weeks not 28:-/ I have a feeling that she will come early what do you think? Thanks for reading xx

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Hi Mariaann,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I truly have no idea if your baby will arrive early. Perhaps ask your doctors but I doubt if they would know either.

At your pre-op assessment were you not asked verbally or on a written form if there was any possibility that you might be pregnant? I have always been asked this and signed the form at the end.

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