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Diagnostic lap then lap to treat endo... Already can see difference after four days... Amazing xx

Took ages to diagnose endometriosis then had diag lap to confirm. Then 2 weeks after had lap to treat and excise endo... Amazing... In bed but can already feel difference..

Anyone need advice or help ..

My tips are find a good consultant... Mine was amazing... Researched him.

Ask lots of questions..

Take peppermint cordial for after lap as it helps with gas build up inside...

I drank loads of it and didn't suffer at all.

Now need to know if it's travelled to anywhere it shouldn't have ie liver and lungs... That's the next step...

I had low immune system and it's spread considerably and my Gp missed it many times.. And so did scans... Because I didn't have cysts...fibroids etc..

But in road to recovery .. Need advice on how to keep it at bay..



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