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Life after laparascopy!

I had my first laparascopy in December, with scans showing multiple cysts (polycystic ovaries) and the odd fibroid. The operation showed I had endometriosis which was burned away.

Since the operation, it really doesn't feel like the symptoms have temporarily stopped. Before the operation sex was too painful, but since having done the operation it seems worse? I've stopped altogether, and whenever I've tried it's seems worse than the time before. On top of painful sex...going to the loo is horrendously painful, add that with extremely painful lower back. I'm exhausted with it all!

I've heard a lot of people have a few good months after their operations...but is there anyone who hasn't? At 21, and fairly newly married, did not expect half of this! :( it doesn't help that I'm also a uni student who's in the middle of exams taking amitriptyline for pain which essentially makes me want to sleep all day and night! :(

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Hiya....u poor ting still sufferin...each and every one of us reacts different after a laparoscopy....u dont mention wot other pain relief ur on.....Ive had a total of 15 laparoscopies over d last 16yrs and remember feeling worse after a few of them and the same with sex....my best advice would b to go back to ur doctor as I did n he rang d consultant who performed it to let him no how Im feeling n had my pain relief upped and got an earlier appointment to see d consultant,also got bloods done n had an infection in my belly button and was re-admitted within days...or if d pain was reali bad i wud go to A&E as it was gettin worse n was finding it 2 hard 2 cope...either way u need 2 get checked not just 4 pain bt 4 reassurance dat everytin is ok....hope u feel better soon...sending u huge cyber hugs :) xx


hey! the pain relief i've been using since the op has generally been codiene based like cocodamol, because paracetamol/nurofen/ibruprofen just doesn't seem to work with me? after the op they put me on Loestrin pill as contraception and it was supposed to help with regrowth of endo?? i didn't find it that helpful in the sense that i was still in pain...and kept getting tension headaches. that being said the headaches could have been caused not just because of the pill but also with life at uni/husband and all that. so the docs pulled me off the pill last month just so i can try and focus during the exam period, and she gave me amitriptyline for the headaches and pain. but these pills just make me want to sleep constantly. i can barely sit at the laptop to revise for the exams that start in 3 days!!

as for sex...in the past year i can count on 2 hands how many times we've tried. but honestly i feel like the pain is worse post op!! :( A&E at uni isn't that great so i generally have to wait until i have a long weekend to go home and see my family GP who's been amazing. the GPs here have been so bad. i've been prescribed enough paracetamol to last a lifetime but it's the last thing i need! :(

what is it that you have? endo or polycystic ovaries? i haven't met too many people with both :/ i've only known some to have either or so that feels like crap!

thanks for the reply! :) x


Hiya....i suffered wit both n hav endo stage 4....I had to hav a hysterectomy 6yrs ago due to it all and was onli 35 so it was a huge shock to d system.....d onli ting ive left is my right ovary and will b having that removed in a few months,hav a large cyst n endometrioma 7cm in size n need to hav dem removed....having awful trouble with my bowel,bladder n intestines all due to endo n need to hav a second bowel resection as i hav partial blockages in both n am attending counselling at d mo as ders a chance I cud lose bowel altogether n hav colostomy bag instead......each n every one of us has a different story to tell but I tink d main ting u need 2 focus on is getting home 2 see ur doctor 2 get pain relief sorted...der r soooo many options u just hav 2 find d one dats best suited to u... feel free to pm me anytime if u ever wanna chat.......Hope u feel better soon n best of luck :) xx


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