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Does anyone take leukotriene receptor antagonist (LTRAs)? - it is an asthma medication- Montelukast(Singulair), Zafirlukast(Accolate) etc?

I was reading Japanese website that sometime Japanese endo girls get leukotriene receptor antagonist (LTRAs) as a painkiller.


Endo ladies who is also has asthma had this tablets and their pain have improved. These ladies had not respond with NSAIDs very much. When they had lap the surgeon found it was easier to separate their adhesion.

This is prescribed for hay fever sufferer as well so I thought I could have a go. Has anyone tried? Does anybody know if NHS prescribe this?


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Hi perhaps it's the steroids in the drug that calms the immune system down as a lot of endo ladies have a more than average high immune system, and therefore as the body is kind of working properly in the sense of protecting us from infection, germs etc then it is fighting to heal us of our endo, which it cannot remove and in turn causing scar tissue to build up. So if these Japanese women take this drug it must calm their immune systems down to a 'happier' level and the pain is then reduced. If their pain levels are reduced it would definitely be worth a shot. It could be under a different brand name in the uk though. X


Thanks for your reply wp22.

On the website it is said, Leukotriene receptor antagonists, called LTRAs for short, are a class of oral medication that is non-steroidal. They may also be referred to as anti-inflammatory bronchoconstriction preventors.

I have difficulty having hormone treatments so I thought I may be able to cope with this non hormone meds if I can get it. I need to have some more research...



Yes they do still provide singulair for asthma. They are a non steroid and is an anti-inflammatory bronchoconstriction preventors. Also people who have endo actually have a low immune system which causes them to pick up illnesses and infections easily. We can also have high inflammation so maybe its the anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the pain. U should ask your gp about maybe trying this. I hope it works out for u. Xx


Hi angsim,

Thanks for your reply. I found some more information and had a chat with others. Have you had Singulair for endo before? If so please let me know how it was.

Please have a look at this link if you are interested in leukotriene tablets for endo.


Take care



Hiya i had singulair for my asthma before but i was not on it long as it did not help my asthma, but if i had known at the time it could maybe help my endo then i would have given it a try. Thank u for the link, i will defo have a look, very interested in this. Thanks. Take care xx


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