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Post op blood clot?

Hello ladies, hope you are all as well as can be!

Just after a bit of advice, ive been in agony since my lap last friday. Went to my gp today and I have quite a large blood clot under one of my lap insicions. Ive been given some arnica tablets and cream to help reduce it in hope I wont need further surgery to remove it. Has anyone else has anything similar? Any advice would be much appreciated! ! Xx

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it's called a post operative haematoma or post surgical haematoma.

some ladies have had this and reported on this forum - use the search box on the green bar to look for previous discussions

haematoma is the english spelling and hematoma is the American spelling for the same thing.

There are some suggestions for caring for a haematoma on the following web page


This is a different issue to endo cells that get stuck in a surgical wound site and start bleeding in line with the monthly cycle, as the endo elsewhere does. Only the blood is trapped in the scar and it does require surgery to remove that endo.

this is called implantation endometriosis, and there have been several cases of that on the forum too.

The hard lumps that they form build up over time and wouldn't account for your lump so soon after your op.

Basically it is a bruise - an almighty one at that. And like most whopper bruises it will normally reabsorb back in to the body over a few weeks and change through the rainbow of colours as it does so.

It isn't the same as a blood clot, ( it is a clot of blood,) but a blood clot is a different thing, that occurs inside the blood vessels and prevents blood flow and is a medical emergency that requires immediate administration of blood thinners. It is what we call a DVT or deep vein thrombosis.

We have had a few of this on the forum too, but they don't normally occur where you had surgery but in your legs or elsewhere remote from the actual surgical sites.


Ah thanks impatient! I was using the search bar you search for post op blood clots and not really getting what I was looking for! I think the gp was explaining in simple terms for me! Its extremely painful I can tell you that much!! X


Hi, I had a lap last thurs and also went to my GP yesterday with a blood cut under incision:-( He gave me the same medication and cream but also gave me an antibiotic. I know exactly how u feel with the pain. He told me it's very common after surgery and hopefully will go away on it's own but if it then op to remove it but said it will be easy to be removed and treated which is reassuring. Just plenty rest, painkillers and wait n hope the tablets n cream do the job. If you want to chat or that just message me anytime. Take Care xx


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