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Will my periods come back?

I had 3 months of prostap injections before my lap. My 4th was due the same day as my lap (22 April) but I had a coil fitted at the same time so will my periods come back or will I be lucky and they stay gone!! Also when do the side effects of the prostap go away because I'm still feeling rubbish from it!!! It's these side effects that will keep me off work longer then the lap!!! I work with severely desturbed patients who are all very poorly and can be very very aggressive if there mental state has dipped so the usual 2 weeks off isn't enough. But I recon I'll be ready by another two weeks if these stupid side effects go away!!! They have caused me no end of drama since feb 21st which was my second jab!! Been off work since then too!!!

So yea I got off topic..... Original question was will my periods come back even though I have a coil? X x

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i had both within 24 hrs Mirena installed in surgery and zoladex 1st implanted later that day I think. perhaps the day after, not quite sure, but then had 4 months hell of zoladex.

After stopping zoladex after the 4th one, i had 1 period proper 8 weeks after the last zoladex went in, then none after that for over a year then 2 periods 1 month apart, and after that zero not a blip of spotting even. I feel I have been very lucky in that regard.

Certainly felt a great deal better when Zoladex was stopped and the drug wore off, but I have been left with long term side effects of cognitive impairment.

3 years later still struggling each day with considerably reduced short term memory function which is very common in my age group 40-50 on GnRH drugs.

The coil without GnRH takes about 4-6 months to noticeably reduce or stop periods on average. So you may yet have a period or two , but hopefully the bleed will be a lot lighter than normal.

prostap residual amounts clear out the system in the coming 4 months (actual length of time varies) but it won't be strong enough to prevent the pituitary gradually waking up and the hormone factories to begin working again. One by one they get back in to production and as they do you should notice the side effects easing off in the coming weeks ahead and just pray that all hormones return to normal production levels sooner rather than later. It is really just down to your brain and how quick it recovers. we are all different. Some hormones are quickly back to full production , some take a lot longer and some sadly never return to full production in certain patients. Pot Luck how quickly the battered pituitary wakes up.


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