Getting pregnant with Polycystic Ovaries and Endometriosis

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries when I was 16 and was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was 21 (a few months ago) . I have had a laparoscopy where it was found the endometriosis was growing in 3 places. I'm a bit concerned because I've been told endometriosis never really goes away and I am worried about my fertility as I have both conditions. Does anyone have the same problem but have conceived ?

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  • I have both. I had endo removed last year but back with surgeon as still in pain. My endo isn't on my tubes or ovaries and my surgeon actively encouraged, well told us last week to get pregnant. I have just ordered a clearblue fertility monitor as I'm irregular,prob due to the pcos. We are now trying so I will keep you updated but my surgeon did mention IVF to me as well.

  • Yes I have. I have three children!

    I was told when I was first diagnosed in 1991, to have children as soon as possible. My first daughter was born in 1994 (I was 23). My son was born in 1997 and my second daughter was born 2000.

    Best wishes,

    Barbara x

  • Yes and I have both too. My tubes were clear of endo and my ovaries mostly too. We tried for a few years to get pregnant so you may need to be patient! It really depends on how and if pcos affects your ovulation and cycle, and also where your endo is located. Good luck to you in your attempts x

  • I also have bith conditions I'm 35 and havnt even met the right person to even consider having kids with, I was told "you should be ok" which I honestly don't think they can say that 100% sorry I can't really help but maybe you could be speak to a consultant about it? Or it would probably be your G.P to start with

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