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Feel like endo is ruining my life!!

Hi I'm 21 and was diagnosed with endo when I was 20, 3 years after I gave birth to my daughter. I had the coil fitted to help manage the pain and bleeding, it worked for around 6 months and now I'm constantly in pain with my lower tummy and pelvis some days I can hardly walk as the pain radiates down my leg which causes me to have days off work. 9 of out 10 times when I have sex with my partner I end up crying in pain!! All I'm given from the doctors is codeine which makes me spaced out and tired. I can't carry on living like this :-( my biggest worry is that I won't be able to give my daughter A sibling.. Did or had anyone struggled with endo as a young age?

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Hello. Yes I know what it's like, I'm 23 and was diagnosed last year and I'm having a really fed up and peed off day with it! Haha. I'm recovering from an op I had on Wednesday where my consultant dropped a bit of a bomb shell that my endo is too severe for her to treat and I need extensive excision surgery so is referring me for this op which she said is going to be major in the next few weeks. It's really good that I am getting the best care possible but at no point was she clear on the severity of the disease so have even quite cross since finding out to be honest! I'm also moving house at the end of August and have to plan this round this surgery although am so lucky as I have a support team round me who are all ready to lend a hand. I see a counsellor that helps and I try to make the most out of the good days so on the bad ones I can think about that. It isn't easy but somehow we all have to find a way to struggle on :/ sending big hugs! Xx


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