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I need advice idk what's wrong with me, I had my period two weeks ago and I restarted bleeding 3days ago. I'm on the pill and my cycle is

Normally always around the same time every month. I took a in home pregnancy test but both came back with neither yes or no on them. I made an appointment with my primary doc but I'm still freaked out because its over a month away and I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or just bleeding from stress but I haven't been stressed out. And the blood started as really dark and has been dark through out the time I have been bleeding when on my period it's dark for the 1st day and then gets brighter. Idk what to do or what's wrong with me???? Help??????

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I am sorry I can't advise you as iv never had that myslef, I do have dark blood but I never had prolonged bleeding for more than a week, I am sure some of our lovely ladies will be replying shortly with some good advice.

I just wanted to say call your doctor, I am in the same situation re Dr app mine is not till 19th but you can call and speak to a GP at certain times of the day, insists its urgent as you can't go on bleeding.

Good luck xxx


Dark blood is normal - absolutely normal. it's old blood or or lining left from last time round. Just like a scab on the skin- at first bright red blood then as it scabs over the blood in the scab gets darker and darker.

Blood which has oxygen in it is freshly bled, blood which is dark - brown nearly black sludge is minus the oxygen indicating it is old blood.

It happens anyway as you grow older, the lining doesn't necessarily clear out completely each month as part of your aging, but when you use birth control or GnRH where the lining has been stuck inside longer then expect that to happen too.

It is exactly the same blood - all that is missing is oxygen.

If you leave a blood stained garment or pillow after a nose bleed the stain will have gone brown by the time you wash it, which is why it's best to wash right away - to prevent the staining and the rusting colour.

the old blood is why endometrioma cysts that some ladies get with endo are called chocolate cysts, the blood has been trapped for some time, lost the oxygen and coagulated in to dark chocolate coloured sludge.

If you have what is called breakthrough bleeding about 2 weeks after a regular cycle of bleeding, in most cases this is caused by a small surge in hormones sent to the ovary to induce ovulation, some ladies get the ovulation breakthrough bleeding every month like clockwork, some get it occasionally and some never experience it.

My guess especially since it is midway through a cycle - that is is an ovulation triggered bleed. just enough extra hormone in the system to shed that last bit of menstrual lining that got left behind from two weeks ago.

As the lining is darker due to time passing when it tears off or sheds away from the wall of the uterus the fresher wound behind it may bleed fresh bright red blood and these can give your period two distinct colours.

darker at 1st then the fresher brighter red afterwards.

If you were gushing bright red with no warnings then it could be that you have injured yourself somehow, but with the darker first it is a normal breakthrough bleed. Please don't worry, could be a one off, might happen again next month or a few months time as the odd quirky blip.

The uterus lining and how it sheds is a much more complex process that it first appears, and you could do a bit of homework on that side of things, if you feel the need to.

another thing to look out for is the dark blood with no fresh blood following on.

This can happen if the lining of the womb shed and got stuck unable to get through your cervix due to a plug of cervical mucus forming. This can happen especially with the progestogen only birth control which encourages a cervical mucus plug to form. Again nothing dangerous, but can lead to a sudden unexpected extra bit of spotting some time after a period if you have done something active and just enough to shift the cervical mucus gel like plug enough to let out the last bit of lining. Cervical mucus is the clear jelly like discharges you can get. The progestogen thickens it up but it should still be clear and jelly like. when it gets mixed with period blood it can look like the blood has strands of sticky in it. again normal.

By all means speak to your doc, but also look up these things online before you get to panic stations. I know it looks shocking when it 1st gets noticed because no one explains that bit to you at school, but I hope my explanation eases your distress a bit.


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