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Long term anti inflammatories?


Hello, I am struggling with my daily pain and inflammation and so far my mini pill has given me several days (and ongoing) of spotting with no pain relief in the second month of taking it.

I have been taking Naproxen for the last two days and it seems to be settling down the pain, but I don't like the thought of having to take them every day for the rest of my life to enjoy 'normality'. And will the pill ever work to take away the pain of my existing endo?

Is anyone else on long term (daily) anti inflammatories and is it safe to do this?

I can't get my head around potentially having to rely on these forever. X

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I take Novalgin sometimes but not all the time, and alternate it with Codeine. I have found making green juices with fresh Ginger and Turmeric root helpful sometimes though. If you feel upto making it it isn't always successful, but I do really feel it helps! Try Spinache leaves with, Apple, lemon, carrot, and a small piece of Turmeric root and Ginger. It will also help support your liver which tends to take a bashing with all these drugs we have to take :0(. Big hugs! Xx

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