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Treatment for a stage 1 cervical prolapse?

Hi guys, I was just wondering what the usual treatment for a stage 1 cervical prolapse was, and if anyone on here has had one? I have a suspected prolapse (have had for a while now) my doctor didn't look down there - just referred me to gynecology, so I am awaiting a gynae appointment as its stopping me from peeing so well and I keep having to poke it out the way and peeing takes forever ect. I am afraid I'll be fobbed off with "just do pelvic floor exercises." I did MONTHS of pelvic floor exercises in an attempt to help my endo pains (no such luck) and it didn't improve... will they recommend surgery? What are your experiences ladies? Thanks :)

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I don't recall anyone else apart from you on the forum, having this.

You would probably find a lot more first hand experiences from websites where lots of mums congregate - perhaps netmums or somewhere like that. It tends to occur in women who have had lots of children, and I know you haven't but that is where you will find the biggest group of women who have been through this and what they have done to sort it out.

I spoke to my cousin last week - again someone with lots of kids and she had surgery last year to lift up the uterus and she wasn't entirely happy with the whole surgical experience and she doesn't feel it made much of a difference and is still recovering from that op.

She's the only person I know of in real life to have been through it .


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