Finanlly been referred!

Hi everyone just been to see my GP and have finally been referred to see a gyne! So happy maybe finally after 5 years I will actually have a diagnosis! Just have to wait for my appointment to turn up! Also does anyone have any tips for getting rid of the pain in my hips and legs as my doc wont prescribe me any painkillers other than paracetamol and ibuprofen as they dont seem to be working!


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  • Woooo hooooo good for you girl!!! you are definitely on your way now, you see being assertive always works... I am afraid I don't have much in a way of tips re pain control as I have everything under the sun prescribed to me, but I always found a hot bath and a nice cup of mint tea really helpful probably better then all them chemicals anyway!!!

    Well done you xxx

  • Haha thank you! Im so happy at the moment! I will go make some mint tea now and see if that helps! Thanks a lot :D xx

  • Really happy for you, well done for sticking to your guns and being assertive! Good luck with your next step

  • Thank you! :) x

  • It took me 4 years before I eventually changed gp and my new one referred me straight away were as my old one kept saying I was fine! So I know the feeling. Hope you get the results you've been waiting for xx

  • I know they seem to pay no attention, kept blaming all my symptoms on the pill so i changed doctors and they referred me straight away aswell.

    Thank you xx

  • That's great news I hope you finally get it sorted out x

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