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Help and advice please

If I went into full story id b here forever so il jst explain briefly. Started period at 13 they were bad from start finally at 19 was diagnosed stage 4 endo wit chocolate cysts was due 4 keyhole but they decided 2 open up fully remove much as can then 6 months of zoledex. 2 years down line back to square 1 so key hole again were they opened up an took right ovary an tube couldn't takr anymore. 6 months again of prostrab this time. In between that I had ivf which was stopped as choc cyst had poped an marriage broke down so didnt carry on. Been back hospital last year as pain is back but now bleeding an mucus from bottom had 2 colonoscopy both stopped due to pain. Back to hospital were I had mri its penentrated 1st wall of bowel but not sure how deep frozen pelvis nodules cysts bowel an vagina stuck together was told needed hysterectomy an possibly part of bowel he read out all the risks sent me away wanting me 2 have coil fitted in meantime. Went for coil yesterday which couldn't be fitted as she couldn't get in to womb so need 2 b put asleep she read out consultants note which made me angry as he made out I was one who asked for op which I didn't. Am booked in later this . month for coil 6 days before I go in holiday an week after am back I see me consultant. I'm thinking of cancelling coil until iv seen me consultant so I can talk through my options be grateful for ur input if any1 can helps

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Seems a bit pointless to have a mirena when you are expecting a hysterctomy soon.

Iwould delay the mirena till after your hols when you can have time to research your options. Visit your GPand ask for norethisterone which are BC tablets you must take religiously to delay a period happening. They are very good for getting you through a holiday but don't forget to take them, and if you are sick or get the runs try and top up the dose that may be lost. Any break to the taking of them will trigger a period a couple of days or so later, but as long as you are on them, they trick the body in to thinking your are pregnant and don't trigger a period till you are ready for one. It would be a lot easier to cope with that on holiday that any post op pain from having the mirena installed.

The process of having mirena put in can causing bruising inside which can take a few days to calm down, wether you are awake for that or have an anaesthetic to get through it, so delaying the procedure till you are back from hols is a wiser move when you don't know how you will react to it.

I have bowel endo and my bowel was stuck not only to the uterus but the bladder too (it is a deformed shape which explains how that was possible) my surgery was a big hole op but i didn't need or have a hysterectomy for it.

Even having a bowel resection doesn't require a hysterectomy. If you want to hold on to your uterus then tell the surgeon you do not want it removed. They will have to work round it instead.

On the surgery consent form you can also state what you do NOT want them to do in the op as well as agreeing to what the surgeon can do. Use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page and look up bowel resections. A number of ladies have had this and written about their experiences.


Thank you for replying I think il cancel coil


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