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Have you had a Hysterectomy with ovary removal and Endo has returned?


As the title says: Have you had a Hysterectomy and endo and pain has returned? I had a Radical Hysterectomy in June 2012 - which included womb and both ovary removal etc.

I didn't start taking HRT - Livial until after a year later.

The last 3 days I've been having the old familiar burning pains in my bowel, POD area, where the womb once was, lower back etc.

My question is: have you had endo and endo pains return after your hyst (with ovary and womb removal) with or without you taking HRT? Thanks in advance!

P.B xx

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I am 2 years post hysterectomy and Have been in agony last few days and mapping the pain as Endo. I am on high dose of oestrogen sandera gel 1.5mg. Im in disbelief that Endo could possibly reoccur. Went to Gp twice yesterday and pain like labour pains and stabbing pains and Gp stated did not know why pain there and put me on Difene and Bucopan and stated it may be wheat intolerance and or IBS. My own Gynae unavailable till SEPT . GP asked what I thought pain was from >>> At work today and bearly able to sit...


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