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Alcohol....Endometriosis .....& Mirena coil


Hi. My question is, do you think that drinking alcohol is a contributing factor to endo and pain?? Also are you more at risk of breast cancer if drinking once you've been fitted with the mirena coil,something to do with oestrogen?? I read in a link that they need to know family history as to the disease before they fit you with the coil, but I wasn't asked anything.

Any thoughts.

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No they don't need to know family medical history if you don't know it or don't have it will not stop you having a mirena. You need to be checked incase there is any deformity of the the wombin shape, which would show up at ultrasound, and the should check your history regards DVTs as if you are ordinarily high risk for DVT with a previous track record then it isn't probably the wisest move to risk having one.

Drinking alcohol is bad for endo anyway. So I and many others are teetotal - because yes in my case it certainly does make pain worse. So too any gassy or fizzy pop drinks. I don't touch caffeine drinks or dairy (milk) either. I am pretty much a stick to water (occasionally flavoured for a bit of variety) and vegetable soups for a hot drink.

Here's a list of the foods and drinks and why they are not great for endo.

And the following website is even better at detailing

I had already realised what foods and drinks caused my pains to be worse over the years and had more or less adopted the endo diet - without even knowing I had endo. Just trial and error along the way, I stopped taking things that made me feel worse. I am not a martyr to the endo diet, but I know what react quickly to cause pain and skip those as much as I possibly can.

Thanks for your informative reply impatient. X

I'm currently at high risk of breast cancer and have been advised by my gyne that the coil will be the best option for me. This is because there is no estrogen in it and all the hormones are kept local and not pushed around your body. The gyne didn't ask about my family history so I don't think it's something they have to know about, but I mentioned it as there are some contraceptives that are not suitable for me. Good luck

Thanks for your reply. Xx

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