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So the symptom today is back to the old burning feeling at the tops of my legs. Only just over a week after my lap. WHY is this coming back?

Does anyone else get this? It feels inflamed and comes and goes. It also feels like my knicker elastic is too tight at the top of my thighs (sorry, just best way to describe it), so very sore. This was the same feeling I had before my lap and it gets worse when I walk for too long.

What could be causing it and why didn't the lap get rid of it?

Thanks, I have different and strange symptoms every day now it seems.....

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I get this too - but only at top of my right thigh, sometimes its so intense I want to scream! I find a heatpad helps if I can sit, or else I take ibuprofen or gently massage with my fingertips. I had my lap early feb and was told that they could only remove a little bit of endo, so thats why I still have pain - my ovaries, womb and bowel are stuck together. Your pain could be internal healing - the external signs are only small, but remember they've been poking around inside you and this will have some effect. Did they manage to treat all your existing endo or was some left? If you still have the pains by your follow-up appointment, Its worth asking your gynae about it. Obviously, if it is worrying you, you can always ring the ward that treated you for reassurance. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for your response. The consultant said that he removed all of it and only had to leave a tiny 'nodule' by my rear end (sorry), which may only cause me pain when emptying my bowels. So in theory I shouldn't have any pain left. But have this and various aches and twinges. Can't understand why if it's all gone.

I have my follow up next week.


Hopefully in that case its part of the healing process, but like I say I'd mention it at your follow up, you're lucky you dont have long to wait - mine was 8 weeks after my lap!


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