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Menastil or Calendula oil, has anyone tried these for pain relief?

I came across a product called Menastil today. It's a roll on that you apply on your skin in the area where you feel pain. I think it's only available in USA.

The main ingredient seems to be calendula oil (from the marigold flower). They are not very forthcoming on other ingredients on their website. I found a youtube video that says the oil smells horrible and they added other ingredients to make it smell better.

Therefore calendula essential oil on its own could surely have the same effect, is available in the UK and would work out cheaper possibly.

I can't seem to find side effects. Marigold flowers were used in the American civil war and WW1 to treat wounds so it has healing properties.

Has anyone tried Menastil or calendula oil for pain?

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Calendula oil infusions available from ebay - company called Akoma or also Weleda .I grew up with a homeopathic GP and any time we had a wound we had it washed in tincture of calendula.I use this for lap wounds and my CSection scars healed beautifully also.A mouthwash with calendula tincture is great for tooth extractions.I use a mixture or akoma calendula oil,with a drop of lavender oil to kill the smell which as you have read is "unusual" .Massage in after a warm bath or make a compress .Have never made a compress but you have reminded me about this and castor oil packs. I use a capful of the calendula oil( this is ready prepared but you can find recipes to make your own. online) and one drop lavender essentila oil and rub gently all over my stomach an back.Works very well for healing small areas,but difficult if pain is all over.Dont pay for a roll on,it will be vastly inflated in price,just do some research on aromatherapy oils and side effects.Remember very few oils can be applied neat( lavender,can) so do not apply without a carrier oil.As an asthmatic I do have to avoid some oils which cause breathing problems- tea tree especially.

Do hope you get some relief - definitely worth trying for pain .


Hi Daffodil,

I was sure I replied to your message but it seems not. Thanks for your helpful reply.

I did use calendula oil on my abdomen last weekend with other oils added. My cramps were not so bad and it was really pleasant. The calendula oil smell was fine. Apparently it is a carrier oil so it's ok to apply directly.

I haven't got around to doing a compress or castor oil pack yet but I will try soon. Thanks for the reminder. x


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