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Newly diagnosed - struggling

Hi all,

Last Monday I had my initial laparoscopy. They weren't 'expecting' to find Endo overall as my symptoms were apparently atypical. But they got it, found enough on my bowel to obstruct the camera, and effectively came straight out again and referred me to the John Radcliffe Hospital for an MRI.

I am currently moderate to severe.

Also, apparently the fact I have an almost 22-month old son is 'lucky', and they 'would strongly advise TTC as soon as possible if I want another baby'

Which I'm really struggling with since my diagnosis isn't complete (though obviously confirmed) and so that seems a bloody stupid thing to say when they are referring me for tests that you can't be pregnant while undergoing.

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If you don't mind my asking are you under a consultant at that hospital? You could be referred to a specialist. If you're interested I can pm you with details :) If I were you then I would wait for the MRI to be done and then try because there isn't another test that they do that harms a baby. You've had a lap so they won't want to do another one so if you do ttc then it will be ok. I got told I didn't have Endo because I'm too young (18 now but 16 at the time of lap) and then the gynae was reluctant to tell me I had it because she didn't want to be wrong. If I were told to have a baby ASAP I wouldn't ask questions, I'd just do it. I guess you're not in the exact position I'm in though as you already have one child so it wouldn't feel such an emergency to me then. Because I dont have any children I'd want to get pregnant fast.

Anyway I'm rambling now, sorry. Let me know if I can be of any help and let me know if you want the details for referral.

Leya xx


Hi thanks xxx. I'm under the care of whoever referred me, but not sure if they are a specialist.

My notes say I'm being referred for diagnostic MRI for laser removal? Am guessing you're probably not supposed to get pregnant if they are going in there with lasers.

You have my sympathy as I've had problems since I was 15 so I'm certain I've had it since then.

We can't afford two children in childcare, and we lose our house if I don't work :-( so the earliest we could feasibly start trying (planning for if the miracle of falling in the first month occurred) would be January 2015 I think.

Long time to wait, but 5 months less time than we're already waiting...


I understand your stress. Endo it is a world on incertitude and incomplete answers. My ideas to help you: 1) Be in Control:keep a diary of symptoms to show you doctor.2) Do anything to feel relax and deal with anxiety; hot bathes , hugs, enjoying the sun and talking. Also about having children, I'm infertile product of Endo , for this reason from my point of view if you have the chance to have a second go for it.And you can economize so many problems, like IVFs ( I had 4, zero success) and fertility treatment. At 41 childless and in the process of adoption, I can tell you if you really want that second child go for it.All the Best!!! Good Luck


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