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Why am I getting a prickly sensation eight days after lap?

Hello, can anyone tell me why I have this feeling? It's not pain as such (although am still on painkillers), but an almost constant prickly sensation throughout my pelvis and top of my legs. Had my lap last Wednesday, and the consultant found and removed endo which was sticking my ovary, Fallopian tube and bowel together. He struggled initially to find the ovary and tube due to the adhesions, but tells me it's now gone.

It's driving me crazy and I am scared to come off the tablets....

Thanks for your help

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Did you have laser or diathermy on the endo ?

If you did - that is burning away the endo...and just like when you have have a very bad sunburn on your back or shoulders or anywhere outside.

The process of healing on the inside is much the same as it would be on the outside.

With sunburn - it hurts, the skin gets taught or tight, then it blisters, then the blisters calm down and the skin starts to peel and it gets very VERY itchy - which you can scratch and exfoliate carefully when it is sunburn to get rid of the peeling skin.

Inside you cannot do anything about it - just have to let the prickles and internal itchy kind of sensations carry on till they stop.

It is a sign of healing - only you cannot put aftersun creams or aloe vera gel on them - just have to put up with it - though having been through it myself - it is very weird and can get bit annoying. And can take several weeks before the healing process is done.

For me it really was so similar to having a bad sunburn..but on the inside of you.

when it's the skin, you can kind of scratch it and rub your back or your arms on a towel to slew away the flakey burnt old skin, unfortunately inside you - is untouchable.

If you are feeling the sensaation in your legs then it could be referred pain or sensations from endo removed close to the scaitic nerve which runs through the pelvic region to each leg.

That would be my first inclination as to what is causing the strange sensations if you had any diathermy or laser removal.

Because it is healing that is good sign to have, even though it does feel most odd.

If you think it might not be this - then please see your GP, especially if you think you may have picked up an infection.

Wounds that are infected can become itchy and sore and inflamed, in which case report to your GP for further tests, otherwise I would let these prickles carry on till they stop.


Possibly a pinched nerve from being still for so long.


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