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I've had a awful year. I've battled endo, adeno, poso and fibroids for 20 years I agreed with my consultant I need a hysterectomy. After spending the whole year so far ill and in & out of hospital I need to get better for the child I have. We are going to meet and talk about the different types of hysterectomy's as he was going to leave my ovaries however due to the speed that the endo grows back he is concerned I will be back in pain within a year. So what's the point. Does anyone have any advice on what type of hysterectomy has worked for you? Thanks. X

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Hello. I really sympathise with you. I also have all four problems.

Removal of your womb will get rid of your problems associated with the Adeno and fibroids but unfortunately it will not solve the problem of the endometriosis.

The best thing to have done is to have your womb out but at the same time have adhesions cut back and endometriosis cut out (excised).

A good surgeon should be able to do this by laparoscopic surgery. But that depends on the size of your fibroids.

Good luck.

Barbara x

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Hi Cuddlybarb, how are you doing dear? Sorry I've not been intouch for a while - I've been so self-absorbed in recovering :( xx


Thank you


Thanks Barbara for your advice I had some endo cut out 5 years ago it did help but it grew back again. I just feel if I'm gonna do this hysterectomy lets do it all so it reduces all chances of it coming back if we can x


I am in the process of making the same decision as I also have endo and fibroids. I am worried the consultant is focused on the hysterectomy and not thinking about checking to remove as much endo as possible.

I understood that it is necessary in our circumstances to remove uterus and ovaries or else oestrogen production continues thus enabling any endo remaining to to keep growing and flaring up.

Also I've been told my fibroids are too large to have a vaginal hysterectomy. It makes it much more difficult and possible dangerous.


Hi, I had total hysterectomy via abdominal incision on 15th January 2014 due to stage 4 endo and adenomyosis. During the operation they also removed part of my pelvic walls, my abdominal walls and part of my bowel as well. I haven't been put on HRT because that will encourage any endo they didn't find to re-grow. I am 10 weeks post-op and I stopped taking pain medication 8 weeks ago as I don't need them anymore - this is a miracle seen as I've been popping every pain medication insight every day for over 18 years!!! Although I went straight into menopause after surgery I haven't had any symptoms apart from 3 separate nights where I was slightly warmer than usual, but not excessively and no sweating. So far I am actually feeling a thousand times better than I was before the operation. It was definitely the best choice for me. I hope all goes well for you Clemo01 and for you too InsideOut. If you want to chat anytime please feel free to message me xx

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