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Pain increasing 6 days after op

Hi all, first post, hello.

I had a lap on Thursday and my pain seems to be increasing. I had adhesions (bowels and ovaries attached to pelvic wall and each other), a lot of endo on my bladder and bowels as well as in pelvis generally. This was my 8th operation in 4 and a bit years.

Is it most likely the pain relief wearing off? I was only sent home with tramadol and paracetemol but I have oramorph I have been prescribed previously. Would you recommend taking that to get on top of it? My period kicked in Sunday so that might be adding to my pain.

I cant get comfortable at all. Should I go to the dr or is this normal? No 2 recoveries of mine have ever been the same. Im sure they will just send me home with it being due to the op.


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All you have thought about and mentioned are part and parcel of the recovery time after surgery. Over the counter pain killers like paracetamol may be enough, but if you do have access to stronger pain relief you might have taaken before the op then use those, or speak to your GP about getting something stronger for bad days.

Your body will have internal swelling building up on tissue which has come under attack in the op - that is normal.

Use whatever you think you need to take to be more comfy. just remember the stonger the pain killers the more likely you will end up constipated - taking oral laxatives should help clear that up before it gets too severe. So to will lots of activity - nothing too strenuous, but regular hourly pottering about the house will help circulation, digestion and healing. It will hurt at first to do even gentle pottering about but day by day should see improvements.


After a visit to my Dr, it looks like a have a bladder infection which is apparently a common thing to occur after a lap. Relief to find an explanation for the pain.


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