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I need someone's advice regarding pain?!?

Last night I was in unimaginable pain, today it has subsided a little but still bad enough to want pain meds. This is my dilemma I need something stronger as paracetamol isn't touching it, is it worth going to hospital so I can get something stronger? I haven't got enough money to cover prescription costs from the doctors. I hate being in this situation as im not one to let the pain defeat me but today and last night is just a completely different pain I've ever experienced and I can't face another night like that? Please help me , I don't know what to do xx

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Just a thought... My friend sees a pain specialist for cerebral palsy and she has access to all of the seriously strong painkillers. However, the pain doc told her to take paracetamol and ibruprofen together, as ibruprofen makes the paracetamol work much better. I know it sounds simple but it is worth a shot!x


I've had issues with pain since 2009 and always use hot water bottles (on my back) as a starter for 10 - the intense heat provides comfort; if needed I then add paracetamol then move to differing strengths of co codomol. If you are able to take ibuprofen (which I unfortunately can't) then I would def recommend that along with paracetamol as Magnetta has mentioned. I was also referred to a pain specialist for a consultation on coping methods & he supported the above and suggested a TENS machine. Hope the pain eases soon and you got a better night


How are you feeling now?


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