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Really need advice

Hey guys hope everyone is doing okay , I had a coil fitted last Wednesday and I was in a lot of agony so I had it removed Monday while I had my cool in i suffered very bad cramps very brown odd to me coloured discharge and just generally in a lot of pain so I had it removed Monday and yesterday evening I went to the toilet and some tissue from inside came out like human tissue and then not long after I found a flesh coloured clot in my pants and then today Iv been bleeding fresh blood it's not normal for me is like bright red is this all normal or is there something wrong

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Hi hun.

I may be wrong but what you are describing sounds like a experience I had with my Mirena.

I had mine out after a week after having awful pain and cramps they decided that they had put the mirena in the lining of my womb causing me a massive infection.

I passed some tissue which I'm pretty sure is part of womb where they had to pull it out of my uterus.

My experience after it was removed was horrendous I bleed heavily bright red blood for weeks, clots and lots of pain. I was told by Dr it was because of the withdrawal of the hormones from the Mirena.

The only bit of comfort I can give is will stop eventually. Take some iron tablets so you don't end up anemic like I did hun.

Hope this helps

Jo xx


I'm already b12 anemic lol I feel like it's all come out my Austin though im concerend as it's just getting worse and my pains spread and I feel sick im so tired and fed up just wanna cry the whole reason I tried it is to help my endo an thibgs have just got worse



Oh no hun that really isn't good hun.

It sounds like you are really going through a tough time.

Unfortunately hun it seems that it works great for some people but just not for us.

Hun I would get yourself on some good supplements to try and help you recover from this as quickly as possible.

I really know just how you are feeling hun, sending you hugs.

Stay strong and keep fighting hun you will get there in the end .

Jo xx


Thankyou so much

Just got meal teary eyed I dont anyone around me but you guys on here that fully understand and I just think iv tried so many things and had problems thats no ed up now im 21 fed up of being in pain all the time an now the pains much worse I don't no how to cope how are you doin with things x


Oh hun.

I'm so sorry that you are going through this at 21 hun.

I know that it's tough hun when people around you don't understand I know, but this forum is great for when we are having a tough time.

So what's the plan for you next hun?

The same as you hun, in daily pain so fed up of it.

I got diagnosed with endo and Adenomyosis on March.

I'm currently on Zoladex have had 1 injection and had a bad reaction to it, my feet are so swollen, my whole boys aches and the bloody hot flushes have just started.

I will be having a hysterectomy and will be needing bowel surgery aswell 😧.

I'm blessed to have my 3 beautiful children though.



The coil is designed to thicken the linen so it's prob just that but if ur worried go gp and check with them I was the same when I had it put in and then taken out I had it in for 6weeks and bled for 2 after having the stupid thing out x


Thankyou im just worried because none of this is normal for me the pains getting worse I feel sick and also think my b12 is low now just can't win atm :(


Go the Drs chick I know ur prob like me and feel like ur in there more than the staff but if ur not right u need to go xx


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